Sports Wear Trend 2021| Cut - Out Sports Bra and Leggings

      It turns out there's a lot we are thinking when consider which factor will become sportswear trend. Tie dye, knit ribbed, high waist, one pieces etc. This year cut-out details back to our eyes and become a popular cutting to app in every apperal design. We also love to bring this trend into our sportswear, styling your workout looking in this hot summer.

      You can discovery the cut-out details in every places you would not except. Showing off your skin, the sportsbra with cut-out details not only can fresh your gym looking but also foucs on the shape and your perfect body part. The unusual cutting bring an unusual beauty to fashion style. Matching with any pair of high waisted leggings or biker shorts, it can be the light new one from workout to street.

                         Using your imagination, which part of the sports apparel you want to cut out?

      Discover the cut-out style on other active apparel ---- sports crop top. This crop top with seamless tecture + cutout details make for the amazing summer fitness outfit!



Women Seamless Biker Shorts Set

Women Seamless Biker Shorts Set |

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